• 16 Jul, 2024

What you need to know about Republic Day 2024, its history, how it's celebrated, and why it's important

What you need to know about Republic Day 2024, its history, how it's celebrated, and why it's important

Republic Day 2024: January 26 is a celebration of freedom, rights, and obligations that goes beyond its historical significance.

India is excitedly anticipating January 26, one of the most important and beloved days on the national calendar. India's dedication to democratic principles and rich heritage are exemplified on Republic Day. The festivities include a large procession in Delhi, the nation's capital, and a feeling of unity that draws the diverse country together. As people unite to honor the concepts that characterize India's core values, it is a moment for introspection, thankfulness, and pride.2024's Republic Day: Beyond its significance in history, January 26 is a day to celebrate liberty, obligations, and rights. 


Republic Day: History 

Republic Day honors the momentous day on January 26, 1950, when the Government of India Act (1935) was superseded as the legal framework by the Constitution of India. The nation became an independent republic after the Constitution was ratified, ending its British domination. 


Dr. BR Ambedkar, who is frequently referred to as the "Father of the Indian Constitution," oversaw the enormous process of crafting the constitution. The principles of justice, liberty, equality, and fraternity are embodied in the Constitution. 


Theme for Republic Day 2024 



This year's Republic Day theme, "India - Mother of Democracy" and "Viksit Bharat," honors India's development as a democratic country. 


What Republic Day Means 

The significance of Republic Day comes in the fact that it is a celebration of the day that India became a sovereign democratic republic. This is the day that brings about the significance of Republic Day. The transition from British rule to that of a sovereign nation is marked by this act. Apart from the historical significance of the occasion, Republic Day is a celebration of freedom, rights, and responsibilities. In addition, this is the time to demonstrate to the rest of the world India's formidable military might as well as its extensive cultural heritage. 

Republic Day Celebration 2024 


India is celebrating its 75th Republic Day this year, so the festivities are very significant. The major event is scheduled to begin at 9.30 am in New Delhi with a dazzling parade. The national flag will be unfurled by the Indian President. The celebrations will feature a tri-services contingent march, cultural performances, and an exhibition of various cutting-edge weapons. The Republic Day Parade's special guest this year will be French President Emmanuel Macron. 


In India, universities and schools also commemorate Republic Day. The national flag will be raised, there will be parades, cultural events, and talks and discussions aimed at educating the public throughout the day. Students bring color to the festivities by showcasing their talents through skits, dances, and songs. 


Students might use the occasion as a platform to consider the importance of democracy and the Indian Constitution