• 02 Mar, 2024

What Is the Total Amount of Jawan Collected Worldwide?

What Is the Total Amount of Jawan Collected Worldwide?

Discover the most recent information about Jawan Day 14 Box Office Collection, Jawan Day 13 Advance Booking, Jawan Day 14 Worldwide Collection, Jawan Movie OTT Platform Release Date, and much more. The Jawan Box Office Collection Day 13 has seen a considerable boost, with the movie now having made Rs 507 crore. With the movie's 14th day's earnings, Jawan Box Office Collection Day 14's overall earnings are probably going to range between Rs 519 and 522 crore.


14th day of box office revenue for Jawan
SRK's Jawan Box Office Collection Day 14 could surpass the Rs 500 crore threshold on Tuesday. The movie has also made a total of Rs 858.68 crore worldwide, a figure that is rising quickly. On the other hand, if we examine these two movies, we find that Shahrukh Khan made crores of rupees from two major movies in the same year, which can surprise anyone.

On September 7, the movie "Jawan," starring Shah Rukh Khan, Nayanthara, and Vijay Sethupathi, will be released in theaters.


Altee and Nayanthara, a female superstar, make their Bollywood debuts in Jawan, one of the largest pan-Indian blockbusters. The recently wed actress, who tied the wedding with the love of her life, director Vignesh Shivam, last month, will play the female lead opposite SRK in the Jawan film.
Recently released Tamil survival thriller O2 included the actress. She has a number of projects planned for 2022–2023 in addition to Jawan, including Gold, Iraivan, Godfather, and Connect. 
Vijay Sethupathi, a well-known actor in Kollywood referred to as "Makkal Selvan" by his admirers, has been cast as the primary adversary in the film Jawan in addition to SRK and Nayantara. He is currently basking in the popularity of his most recent movie, Vikram, in which he appeared with Kamal Hasan, a superstar, and Fahadh Fasil, a multifaceted performer.


The new version of Jawan has SRK dressed in various ways. Shah Rukh Khan discussed his character, who can be right or wrong, in this preview and how he ultimately turns out beyond the fans' wildest dreams. There have been brief glimpses of a Jawan engaged in main-line combat, and when his bandages are unwound to expose his bald appearance, the excitement for the movie is sufficiently heightened.

In this new trailer, Nayanthara plays a soldier. The sexiest Deepika Padukone also makes an appearance in some action-packed scenes while dressed traditionally, and Priyamani is holding a rifle. We saw a few fleeting glances of Vijay Sethupathi in this, but the women stole the show. Sanya Malhotra, who plays Kathaal, was also shown in the preview.
Violence in a slum area opens the brief preview; a group of invaders arrive in a car and begin firing ferociously. Shah Rukh Khan enters the scene and commands attention by declaring, "Who Am I not? What Am I, I don't know." He provides the solution as the intro goes on, for he is his mother's unfulfilled promise.
The next scene showed Shah Rukh Khan in the guise of an army officer firing a missile from a launcher while destroying a house.


He is both good and horrible, a blessing and a curse, which is the film's fundamental twist. Shah Rukh, the antagonist, makes an awful mask appearance and seeks to cause bloodshed and ruin. Shah Rukh Khan has appeared in brief bandaged-up peeks. We must admit that Shah Rukh Khan's presence in the red shirt is astounding, and the slow motion spiced it up even more. He has assembled a group of females who are prepared for some heart-pounding activities.


The movie The Prevue ends with a few glimpses of girl power, and Shah Rukh Khan's villain, who has a bandage covering half of his face, gets up with his luggage and devilishly walks towards the train while saying, "When I become a villain, No Hero stands a chance against me." The final and most contentious appearance is his bald appearance after removing the bandage, which reveals some black and white hair in his beard. He starts dancing to the 90s song "Bekarar kar ke hume yu a jaayiye, aapko humari kasam laut aayiye" while sporting a pair of black sunglasses.