• 02 Mar, 2024

Twitter is now giving you tik-tok/reels like vertical videos on the feed

Twitter is now giving you tik-tok/reels like vertical videos on the feed

The launch of a new full-screen, immersive video experience for iOS users was announced by Twitter.

Twitter has concluded that because vertical videos have clearly captured people's imaginations and interests

The videos on its platform will concentrate on the same format.

Twitter for iOS will soon include the new feature. With just one click, the newly redesigned immersive media viewer on Twitter makes it simple to enjoy the full, immersive watching experience. Simply press or click on a video in the Twitter app to activate it, Twitter recently stated in a blog post.

Instagram and TikTok have become more popular due to their vertical video format, which allows users to scroll down to watch videos.

watch the complete following video. This trend is also known as "infinite scrolling" because of the videos.

They keep popping up as you move the pointer up the screen.

Twitter users can swipe back or press the back button to go back to the main Twitter feed. Users can like, retweet, and comment on the main tweet in Twitter's Explore section after the new video format has been added.


Although tweets have historically been the main focus of Twitter, new features are increasingly beginning to take centre stage. Additionally, Twitter offers its Blue membership, which gives users a sneak peek at the eagerly anticipated Edit tweet tool. Instagram is also switching from still images to a 9:16 format for its user interface, which was initially trialled but removed after user complaints.

Given the popularity of vertical videos, it is not surprising that Twitter has entered the market. With the current shift in screen ratios from 16:9 to 9:16, the Twitter feed will have more space on which to display films in the vein of TikTok and Reels. Although iOS users now have it, we are still unsure of when Twitter will make this new video function available to Android users.

In addition to the capabilities that Twitter has already shown, it appears that the service is also experimenting with a video views count function, similar to what is offered by Instagram Reels.

Vertical video is becoming increasingly popular, and not just on social media platforms. A new NBA app with a focus on vertical content was introduced by the American National Basketball Association (NBA) last week.