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Shopping in Dubai.

Shopping in Dubai.

The Dubai shopping scene is overwhelmed by tremendous and rich shopping centers, where shopaholics and fashionistas can track down amazingly popular brands. With an unending line of beguiling nearby shops, select architect stores, modest discount stores and handiwork focuses, the retail insight in Dubai can't disappoint.

And there’s more than just high-end goods going on. Shops in Dubai are interspersed with spas, cinemas and high-end cafés and restaurants to ensure you still have the energy for the ultimate shopping spree. One thing for sure is that at the end of your visit to Dubai, you’ll hardly go home with more luggage than when you arrived.

1. Gold Jewellery


A trip to Dubai, City of Gold is never ever complete without doing some gold shopping. There is no better place to go if you like the best things to buy in Dubai. Due to their tax policy, the prices of jewellery in this city are lower than in many other places. Aside from gold jewellery, diamond and platinum jewellery are also available at reasonable prices .

Despite the cheap pricing, a little haggling can help you obtain a decent deal on your purchase.

Where To Buy: Dubai Gold Souk, Gold and Diamond Park, Jewellery stores

Specialty: The quality and variety of ornaments is exotic. 

2. Camel Milk Chocolate


A delicacy of Dubai and also a must-have thing to buy in Dubai, camel milk products are quite famous for their enticing taste. Camel milk chocolates are so rare that they are produced by one company only- Al Nassma. Their chocolate bars come in five varieties- whole milk, 70% cocoa, dates, macadamia, and spiced. The most recommended ones are the chocolates shaped like camels

Where To Buy: Al Nassma kiosks at Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Duty-free shops

Price Range: INR 800 – 4,500

Specialty: It is manufactured by just one company, Al Nassma.

3. Arabic Lanterns


In beautiful brass lamps encrusted with stones or meticulous craving, the tale and mystery of Aladdin find a home. Smaller version of these can be stowed in baggage and used as exotic gifts for loved once back home. Although the Karama Souk is not a classic market, a leisurely stroll down the pavements will reveal a handful of of these precious marvels.

Another safe bet is the Al-Karama market in Bur Dubai, which is located close to the fish market. While you can practise haggling here, a well carved lamp or one with a lot of stones or inlay work would set you back serveral hundred Dirhams.

Where To Buy: Dragon Mart, Al Awir Road, Dubai 7567, United Arab Emirates; Karama Souq, Street No. 18b, Dubai UAE

Price Range: INR 1,000 to 5,000

Specialty: Arabic lanterns sold in the souks have a typical design unique to Dubai.

4.Pashmina Shawls


If you are still not sure after browsing through all the options then maybe this is what you were looking for. Pashmina Shawls are one of the most expensive famous things in Dubai for shopping. Real Pashmina shawls are pretty expensive but they make for a perfect gift. If you are on a restricted budget then you can try the silk or viscose versions of the product

Where To Buy: Pashmina House; Textile Souk and Karama Market

Price Range: INR 8,000 to 25,000

Specialty: Ethnic designs exclusive to the UAE can be an exotic gift. 

5.Electronic Items: Gadgets And More


Though not a speciality of Dubai, the electronic items available in Dubai stores are relatively cheaper than many markets. From smartphones, tablets, laptops, LED TVs, cameras, etc., everything appears to be more affordable. However, it is best to compare the prices with what you get in your home country to get an actual benefit out of the purchase. This might not be the most traditional thing that comes to mind when you think of what to buy in Dubai, but if found a good deal, this could be the most value-for-money product you take back home. 

Where To Buy: Al-Fahidi Street in Bur Dubai area, Sharaf DG store or other electronics stores

Price Range: INR 2,000 to 50,000

Specialty: They have a great collection at relatively lower prices than India

6.Arabian Dates


Dried fruits are a popular snack among Dubai residents. The high quality of the dates grown here has made them a tourist favourite as well. They can be eaten raw, used in pastries, served with coffee, made into non-alcoholic beverages, and given as gifts Ramadan.

Dates are regarded as rich source of nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, copper and others, in addition to their economic benefits. You'll find board variety of Dates in Dubai: try them all and choose the ones that suit you best. If you have a full day of sightseeing ahead of you, this small power-snack is one of the best things to buy in Dubai.


Where To Buy: Dates souk at Deira Food Market for fresh dates; Supermarkets for packed date

Price Range: INR 500 to 3,000


Specialty: Dates from Bateel shops in Dubai are native and available in more than 20 different varieties.

7.Arabic Attar


Attar or perfume oils are made by distilling flower petals in water by using pressure and mild heat. The exotic fragrance of these powerful oils is very pleasant and you will get a whiff of it whenever you walk past an Arab woman. At times spices and oils too are added and mild Sandalwood oil is used for the finishing. If you are unsure then you can go for branded options at popular shops such as Hind Al Oud and Amouage. They are also some of the best places to shop in Dubai.

Where To Buy: Perfume Souk at Deira, Perfume shops in malls and the airport

Price Range: INR 300 to 1,000

Specialty: These essential oils derived from plant sources are alcohol-free.



A hookahs is found in almost every Arab home in Dubai and throughout the Arab world. Some of these are only aesthetic, while others provide a refreshing treat for a group of visitors. In fact, beautiful and expensive hookahs are frequently displayed prominently in people's homes.

One with a long flexible hose and a glass base adorned with 12 karat gold would be a delightfully lavish gift. Three feet would be perfect. If you're searching for a portable version, the smaller 20" version is a good choice. Two pipes are included with some hookahs. The Deira covered souks are a great place to pick up

Where To Buy: Smokers’ Centre outlets; Carrefour Hypermarket; Dubai souks

Price Range: INR 4,000 to 10,000

Specialty: They have specialty Arab spices and other flavors exotic to the UAE. 

9.Lucky Stones



To provide good fortune to the wearer, lucky stones based on the month of birth are generally inlaid in gold, silver, or platinum rings or pendants. The nice part is that these presents are appropriate for both men and women. There are so many different patterns to choose from that even the pickiest of recipients will be enchanted.

Buying a full set, which includes a ring, bracelet, necklace, and pair of earrings, for a special woman in your life would be ideal. As a base, you can choose from a variety of precious metals. Choose filigree work or traditional Arabian designs.

Where To Buy: Pearlicious in Covent Garden, Dubai Marina; Gold & Diamond Park, Office No. 213, Building No 4, 4th Interchange, Sheik Zayed Road, United Arab Emirates

Price Range: INR 2,000 to 10,000

Specialty: Solitary precious stones are a part of the cultural scene in the UAE. 

10.Dubai Spices


Purchasing local spices is an excellent way to carry a taste of Dubai back home. These spices are full of flavour and may be found in markets for a fair price. They are renowned for their miraculous ability to turn a dish from dull to delectable. If you enjoy cooking or want to give someone who does, these spices are an excellent choice.

Where To Buy: Spice Souk, Supermarkets

Price Range: INR 200 to 5,000

Specialty: Arab spices have stronger flavors and aromatic mixes that can give a special flavor to your cuisines. 

11.Arabian Coffee


This bitter yet refreshing taste of Arabian coffee will thrill coffee aficionados, and if you are a coffee fanatic, this is one of the best things to buy in Dubai. The coffee here is recognised for its strong taste, which is often accompanied by a sweet treat to balance out the flavours. It's a nice souvenir to bring home, coupled with coffee pots known as "dallah" in the area.

These pots, which are mainly made of copper and are suited for everyday use, are designed in classic Arabic patterns.

Where To Buy: Dubai Coffee Museum, Dubai Souks, and major supermarkets 

Price Range: INR 500 to 2,000

Specialty: The Middle East has distinct methods of brewing which makes it a regional taste

12.Persian Rugs and Carpets


There is absolutely no doubt regarding the beauty of Persian rugs and carpets when wondering hat to buy in Dubai. Slightly on the expensive side and bulkier to carry, these carpets are quite an exquisite artefact to adorn your home’s floors. Hand-made rugs are costlier than machine-made ones, but they are worth spending the money on. The stores in Dubai offer you the option of customizing your carpet if you don’t prefer an available one. They come in different sizes, and their prices vary accordingly. The quality, material and amount of work performed on them also affect their rates.

Where To Buy: National Iranian Carpets at Souq Madinat Jumeirah; Persian Carpet House at Souq Madinat Jumeirah, Dubai Mall, Mirdif City Centre, and Souq al Bahar

Price Range: INR 5,000 to 10,000

Specialty: These rugs are handmade, and are perfect insulators for winter. 

13.Kava Pots & Coffee Sets


Kava is nothing more than pure coffee, and a cup of it is as good as it gets. It's how the locals like their coffee: black and robust. This coffee, which is served in elegant pots and designer cups, has its own niche in Arabic culture. Kava coffee pots are frequently coated with gold or silver, with semi-precious stones added to the more valuable ones.

These are excellent presents and keepsakes to bring home from Dubai. This is one of the top items to purchase in Dubai.

Where To Buy: Dubai mall, Financial Centre Road, Downtown Dubai, Near Burj Khalifa, United Arab Emirates; Mall of the Emirates, Al Barsha 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Price Range: INR 800 to 3,000                              

Specialty: They are a must-own in traditional Arab homes.




Part of the traditional Emirati outfit for men, these khanjars can look pretty magnificent on the walls of your home. Primarily made of wood these days, the blades gently curve at the tip, and the handle is decorated with markings. The more ornate ones come with marble or silver handles.

Where To Buy: Yemen Pavilion, Global Village

Price Range: INR 800 to 2,500

Specialty: They have handcrafted designs with Arabic symbols. 

15.Quran Stands


Dubai is both an Islamic metropolis and a shopping destination, so you may buy a variety of religious products. The Quran stand is one of the most popular items. To display the holy book, choose from a range of attractive stands. These stands are mostly made of wood with marble inlays and are decorated in a variety of elaborate styles.

They come with adjustable collapsible stands or simple stands for reading in a seated position.

Where To Buy – Al Abbes Islamic Books Shop, Sarah or Makkah Islamic Book Center

Price Range: INR 500 to 5,000

Specialty: They have a wide variety of woods and designs. 

Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF)

Dubai Shopping Festival aka DSF was introduced on February 16, 1996, as a retail event. Soon, it was promoted as a tourist attraction, and now it attracts up to 3 million visitors from around the globe every year. It prides in being a premier festival and the largest shopping extravaganza dedicated to festivities and shopping. The duration of DSF is mostly one month, where one finds sale and crazy discounts in the stores for almost any item. During the entire month, there would be a range of activities held in every mall, parks, and other tourists? attractions. The activities are unique to every place, so your shopping experience doesn't get boring. Moreover, innovative programs are introduced every year to make your experience unique and remarkable.