• 24 Jun, 2024

Solo Travel Destinations for Women

Solo Travel Destinations for Women

A woman should be able to live her life wherever she wishes, in my opinion. While there has been progress in the fight for equal rights, travelling alone still represents rebellion. There are several nations where there are still a lot of violent crimes against women, which somewhat frightens female tourists.

I see a time when women will not need to research safe destinations to visit on their own. Even yet, I think that some nations are safer for female tourists than others, despite the fact that this is still not the case. Owing to the rising trends, traveling safe is equally important as traveling solo for all the female travelers across the world. Hence, keeping safety as the priority followed by the unique traits for which female travelers prefer to be a loner, we have put together a list of 10 best solo female travel destinations in the world.

1. Finland

Finland, the home of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun, is the perfect vacation spot for those who love the outdoors. There are numerous more wilderness places, including the region with the most lakes in all of Europe, as well as Lemmenjoki National Park, the largest woodland reserve in Europe.

  • Approx Budget: Around US$150 per day
  • Safety Meter: 6.7
  • Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Suomenlinna Fortress, Rovaniemi, Helsinki Churches
  • Hot tip: Take advantage of Finland’s excellent public transport to save some bucks.

2. New Zealand

New Zealand, often known as Middle Earth to Lord of the Rings enthusiasts, is a land of unearthly vistas and the ideal vacation spot for anyone who enjoys adventure, sports, nature, or any combination of the three. The two main islands that make up this tiny nation have incredibly diverse landscapes. You can enjoy idyllic beaches, active volcanoes, and vibrant lakes on the North Island. The landscape is very different on the South Island, with snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and an expanse of open water teeming with seals and whales.

  • Approx Budget: Around US$130 per day
  • Safety Meter: 6.3
  • Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Exploring South Island in a solo vehicle, Kayaking on Lake Rotoiti, Hiking the Fiordland National Park.
  • Hot tip: Plan a long trip to New Zealand, a minimum of 2-3 weeks. This country deserves to be savoured slowly.

 3. Canada

Canada is home to a diverse range of landscapes, including lakes, mountains covered with snow, and woods that have been around for millennia. Its wilderness especially is spectacular and definitely worth the trip. Additionally, these cities have a distinctive charm and a multicultural feel.

  • Approx Budget: Around US$150 per day
  • Safety Meter: 6.1
  • Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Visiting the winter wonderland of Banff, exploring Killarney Provincial Park, basking in the glory of Sunshine Coast.
  • Hot tip: Squeeze in a music festival on your Canada itinerary. It’s intoxicatingly good!

4. Switzerland

Switzerland needs no introduction, which is in the centre of Europe, has much more to offer than excellent watchmakers. It is a nation rich in cultural richness, with a wide range of lovely sights and urban landscapes that gradually give way to spectacular natural ones.

  • Approx Budget: Around US$220 per day
  • Safety Meter: 6.4
  • Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Touring Lausanne and discovering its medieval heritage, taking a helicopter ride to Jungfraujoch, beholding the scenic beauty of Rhine Falls.
  • Hot tip: Bring a pocket translator if you are planning to cover all regions of Switzerland.

5. Belgium

Not by accident is Belgium regarded as a must-visit location in Europe. The nation is a true gem, with a wealth of historical landmarks, first-rate facilities, and numerous other tourist attractions. You may explore the alleys of Brussels and take in the mediaeval architecture, while Bruges has a setting fit for a romantic drama.

  • Approx Budget: Around US$135 per day
  • Safety Meter: 5.7
  • Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Visiting the wilderness of Dinant, shopping at Kortrijk, getting tipsy on half-n-half (a heady mix of white wine and champagne).
  • Hot tip: Don’t forget to visit the Princely Beguinage Ten Wijngaerde to learn all about Belgian history.    

6. Austria

Austria is a country that many tourists consider to be almost perfect. They claim that issues seem to vanish there, which must be because Austrians have among of Europe's highest standards of living. Additionally, the nation offers some very unique landscapes, like snow-capped mountain peaks, lush green forests, and crystal-clear lakes.

  • Approx Budget: Around US$135 per day
  • Safety Meter: 6.2
  • Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Visiting the countryside of Salzkammergut, exploring the Barque city of Salzburg, attending a festival in Carinthia.
  • Hot tip: If you have an international license, hire a car and go on a road trip around Austria. It is one of the most underrated road trips, but worth every penny!

7. Japan

In Japan, you can find both extremely cutting-edge technology and customs that date back thousands of years. But there's a lot more to say about this nation.Tokyo, a sprawling metropolis regarded as the world's cleanest and most well-run, must be mentioned. And Osaka, a pleasant, modern city with a variety of things to do.

In addition to visiting the most well-known locations, I advise you to venture off the beaten path in Japan to find less-touristy yet great locations.

  • Approx Budget: Around US$140 per day
  • Safety Meter: 6.2
  • Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Going to the International Manga Museum in Kyoto, Taking part in Origami workshops, exploring the Castle town of Matsumoto.
  • Hot tip: Pub crawling in Japan is a fun experience, but inquire about transport and train timings before you make plans.    

8. Thailand

Thailand is widely regarded as one of the greatest solo travel locations. It is a very tourist-friendly country, with tourism accounting for 20% of GDP, low levels of harassment and assault, high levels of safety, and very friendly locals. It is also one of the most attractive backpacking destinations in the world and makes for the perfect choice if you’re looking for a budget female solo travel destination.

  • Approx Budget: Around US$100 per day
  • Safety Meter: 4.8
  • Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Day tripping to Khao Yai National Park, experiencing the seclusion of Hua Hin, visiting Khaosan Road in Bangkok.
  • Hot tip: Avoid public boat ferries as they can often be unsanitary and overcrowded.

9. Indonesia

Female alone travellers frequently visit Indonesia, and Bali in particular. The Island of Gods is home to a sizable number of expats who have settled there due to the inexpensive cost of living, welcoming natives, and usually secure environment. Bali is an excellent area to try out being a digital nomad if you're interested in doing so.

  • Approx Budget: Around US$90 per day
  • Safety Meter: 5.4
  • Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Witnessing the gorgeous sunset at Ratu Boko, shopping at Beringharjo for batik, clothes, and local souvenirs, exploring the majestical Yogyakarta Palace.
  • Hot tip: Rent a scooter and explore the local communities in Indonesia to know more about this fascinating country.

10. Iceland

Given that ice covers 15% of its area, Iceland is truly deserving of its name. Even on the ice, you can go exploring and find tunnels. The nation does, however, actually have a lot of fire despite its name. You read that correctly; There are at least 20 active volcanoes in this area. Iceland gives its visitors some very stunning sights between the ice and the fire. Reykjavk, the country's capital, is highly lovely and has a vibrant nightlife.

  • Approx Budget: Around US$100 per day
  • Safety Meter: 6.5
  • Recommended experiences for solo female travelers: Bathing in the Blue Lagoon, exploring Reykjavik, driving the Golden Circle route.
  • Hot tip: Most Icelandic people can speak English, so talk to the locals to experience the best of Iceland.