• 02 Mar, 2024

Channels, a New Way to Follow Celebrities on Whatsapp, Are Introduced: Here’s How to Utilize It:

Channels, a New Way to Follow Celebrities on Whatsapp, Are Introduced: Here’s How to Utilize It:

You may follow a variety of people on WhatsApp, including Katrina Kaif, Diljit Dosanjh, and the Indian cricket team. Get information from the people and organizations that are important to you by using the new Channels feature.

Aside from professional communication, WhatsApp has primarily been used for personal communication, whether it be with friends, family, or coworkers. However, the platform hopes to develop into much more with the most recent update.

The most recent version of WhatsApp adds a new feature that allows you to follow updates from the people and organizations that are important to you inside the app.


The function, known as WhatsApp Channels, is a one-way broadcast mechanism that will provide updates on a new tab named Updates, apart from your chats with family, friends, and communities.

Over the course of the upcoming weeks, channels will be available throughout the world, including India. In addition to searching for channels by name or genre, you can locate channels to subscribe to that are automatically filtered based on your country. Additionally, you can explore channels depending on their amount of followers that are most active, new, and well-liked.



Emojis can be used to respond to changes, and you can view a total count of responses. Other followers won't be able to see how you respond. In order for people to learn more, you may also forward updates to conversations or groups along with a link back to the channel. You may quickly mute or unsubscribe from a channel whenever you wish to stop following it.



In addition, as an admin, you have the option to open a new WhatsApp account or use an existing one to start a channel. Additionally, you have 30 days to amend your updates before WhatsApp servers remove them for good.

WhatsApp continues to be one of the most widely used messaging programs worldwide in the current digital era. It has a huge user base and has ingrained itself into our daily life. The latest upgrade from WhatsApp has proven to be a major game changer in the communication space. WhatsApp's developers are constantly working to improve the user experience.


Enhanced Privacy Features:

The expanded privacy options are one of the most notable aspects of the most recent WhatsApp upgrade. More than ever before, users have control over their communications. Sensitive information can now be kept secret thanks to the addition of "Disappearing Messages," which allows you to set a timeframe for messages to vanish after a certain amount of time. This function is very helpful for private conversations or business discussions that you wish to keep private.



The option to mute chats indefinitely is a huge privacy improvement. Users can do this to block bothersome persons or noisy group discussions without having to frequently check their notification settings. In addition, WhatsApp now offers end-to-end encrypted backups, guaranteeing the security of your data both in transit and at rest.


Multi-Device Support:

The dependence on a single smartphone is another long-standing problem that WhatsApp's most recent version solves. Users could only use WhatsApp on one device at a time in the past, which was typically their smartphone. However, you may link up to four devices to your WhatsApp account at once thanks to the new multi-device support function. For people who frequently hop between a smartphone, tablet, and PC, this is a game-changer because it enables smooth communication across all devices.


Voice and Video Calls:

WhatsApp has always been a popular option for texting, but the most recent version makes voice and video calls significantly better. With the addition of "Room," it is now simpler to connect with friends, family, or coworkers by starting group calls for up to eight people. The overall user experience is improved by the picture-in-picture mode, which makes it possible to continue texting or multitasking while on a call.



Business-Friendly Features:

The most recent update will completely transform how WhatsApp Business users conduct their business. Businesses may now easily display their goods and services on their WhatsApp profiles thanks to the new "Business Catalog" function. These catalogs enable customers to explore them and submit enquiries, expediting the purchasing process.


Additionally, WhatsApp now includes a shopping button, making it even easier for users to buy goods and services without leaving the application. Businesses may more efficiently reach their target demographic and make sales through WhatsApp as a result, which is a huge advantage.


Interactive Message Features:

The update also offers interactive communication features that make conversations more interesting and enjoyable, like the capability to send stickers or reply with emoticons straight to the media. Additionally, you may now use emojis to respond to messages, just like you do on other social media sites. These features provide talks with a fresh perspective, boosting expressiveness and user involvement.