• 24 Jun, 2024

10 Habits For Productive Morning Routine

10 Habits For Productive Morning Routine

How you spend your first few hours in the morning might set the tone for the rest of your day. Morning rituals inevitably lead to efficiency since they eliminate the decision-making process, saving you time and energy. Some of the world's most famous, creative, and successful individuals rely on personal morning routines to make their days as productive and beneficial as possible. If you resist your morning wake-up call and hit snooze, you could benefit from one or more of the practices listed below to form a better habit. 

10 morning routines that highly successful people swear by. 

1. Stick to a ritual. 

Light a light, hug your partner, wash your face—whatever you do in the morning, make it a ritual that signals the beginning of a new day and a fresh start. Twyla Tharp, an American dancer, believes in rituals as a way to foster creativity and accountability. In her book The Creative Habit, she discusses her morning regimen, which includes getting up at 5:30 a.m., dressing for her workout, and booking a cab to the gym. 

"The ritual is not the stretching and weight training I do in the gym every morning; the ritual is the cab ride. Tharp writes, "The moment I tell the driver where to go, I have completed the ritual." “It's a simple act, but doing it the same way every morning makes it habitual—it becomes repetitive and easy to execute. things minimizes the likelihood that I may skip or do things differently. It adds to my arsenal of routines and eliminates one more thing to consider.”  

Marie Kondo, the author of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, practices her own regimen. "When I get up, I open all of the windows to let fresh air in and then burn incense," she says on her blog. “I strive to keep my home comfortable and filled with clear energy throughout the day, so starting my morning with these rituals keeps me on track.” 

2. Clear your head. 

There are several reasons why successful people incorporate meditation into their morning routine: The technique can help reduce anxiety and stress while also increasing self-awareness and concentration. It's no surprise that mindfulness has become such a popular practice among leaders. Jen Rubio, Away's co-founder, begins each day with meditation before working out. Arianna Huffington, whose Thrive Global office is in a WeWork headquarters in New York City, meditates for 20 to 30 minutes every morning before checking email or using technology. And, before his six-mile run, former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey meditates for 30 minutes.  

3. Sweat. 

Anna Wintour, Vogue's editor in chief, starts her morning with an hour-long tennis match, which is a very wise decision. A University of Bristol study discovered that regular exercisers had greater energy and a more positive outlook than individuals who did not exercise. Incorporating exercise into your morning routine might provide you mental clarity that lasts throughout the day. "Exercise causes the secretion of neurotransmitters that promote mental clarity and an improved attention span," explains exercise psychologist Jasmin Theard. "You will feel accomplished, refreshed, and recharged. 

Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Investments, adds a variety of movements within her morning routine. Her workouts may involve running, weightlifting, swimming, or cycling, and are always followed by a bath. "My bath time is essential personal time," she told CNBC. “I take a bath every morning to decompress and rest. When it's chilly outdoors in Chicago, I run faster on the return leg, thinking of my bath.”  

4. Practice thankfulness. 

This may surprise you, but after burning incense in her home, Marie Kondo does not go into a thorough folding session. Instead, she expresses gratitude. "I say a prayer of thanksgiving for my family and team members' health, and I renew my resolve to do as much as I can that day," she wrote in her letter. This technique is followed by the creation of her daily to-do list.  

Oprah's morning routine also includes admiration. Harper's Bazaar reports that after brushing her teeth and walking her dogs, she reads five cards from her 365 Gathered Truths box. This box, which appeared on her 2014 "Favorite Things" list, contains inspirational quotes. "It's a beautiful way to start the day," Oprah told Bazaar. An example of a message you could take from the box? “Wealth is not measured by dollars and cents, but by the love we make, the laughter we enjoy, the meals we share, the dreams we experience, and the hopes we create.”  

5. Rise with the sun (or even earlier) 

A 2008 study published in The Journal of General Psychology discovered that early risers procrastinate less than night owls with later alarm clocks. It makes sense that many successful people throughout history have identified as "early birds." Apple CEO Tim Cook, for example, gets out of bed at 3:45 a.m. to check his email before heading to the gym at five o'clock. Richard Branson, the founder and chairman of Virgin Group, gets up at 5 a.m. to exercise and spend time with his family.   

"I have always been an early riser," he admits on a Virgin blog. "Over my 50 years in business, I have learned that if I rise early, I can achieve so much more in a day, and therefore in life." Branson continues, "I find the calm period, before most of the world logs on, to be a terrific opportunity to catch up on news and respond to emails. “These early hours allow me to start each day with a clean slate.”  

6. Read a book. 

Many individuals understand that reading before bed can assist to relax the mind and prepare the body for sleep. What you hear less about are the benefits of incorporating reading into your morning routine. Instead than scrolling through social media in the morning, try reading a book or an article. You reap the full benefits of reading first thing in the morning. One research from the University of Sussex discovered that just six minutes of reading can reduce stress by up to 68%. Reading has also been shown to increase cognitive activity in the brain, making it an excellent approach to prepare for the day's challenges.   

7. Journal 

The act of writing is very powerful. A study conducted in New Zealand discovered that persons who spent 20 minutes per day on expressive writing three days in a row following a medically necessary biopsy healed quicker than the control group. Why not start the day by journaling? Other studies have found that the practice reduces stress and anxiety, improves job performance, and assists people in processing difficult situations. It's simple to see why people like Warren Buffett, Richard Branson, and Arianna Huffington support this technique.   

Mellody Hobson, president of Ariel Investments, adds a variety of movements within her morning routine. Her workouts may involve running, weightlifting, swimming, or cycling, and are always followed by a bath. "My bath time is essential personal time," she told CNBC. “I take a bath every morning to decompress and rest. When it's chilly outdoors in Chicago, I run faster on the return leg, thinking of my bath.”  

8. Drink water. 

It may seem insignificant, but incorporating a simple glass of water into your morning routine can make a big difference. Hydration is a vital component of health. Water eliminates waste from the body, regulates temperature, lubricates and cushions joints, and protects delicate tissues. Our bodies might become dehydrated overnight, so drinking water in the morning helps us rehydrate. A morning glass of water has also been shown to lower calorie intake throughout the day, boost mental function, improve the appearance and health of your skin, and even jump-start your metabolism.   

It's no surprise that superstars like Kim Kardashian and Beyoncé have all emphasized the importance of drinking water. Cameron Diaz explained in a 2014 interview with Marie Claire: "Every night, before I go to bed, I fill up a large glass bottle with water and place it on my bathroom counter." I drink it first thing in the morning after brushing my teeth, and I notice an immediate effect. I shift from being a withered plant to one that has recently been revitalized by rain."  

9. Eat a proper breakfast. 

The perfect breakfast can help you get through the day. While the science underlying the benefits of breakfast is less obvious than the science behind the benefits of water, many successful people incorporate breakfast into their morning routine. Kelly Ripa sticks to coffee, yogurt, and granola for breakfast, but Barack Obama enjoys eggs, potatoes, and wheat toast.   

If you're short on time, a smoothie is an excellent choice. In 2020, Reese Witherspoon published her go-to green smoothie recipe, which she has had every morning for the past nine years. John Mackey, the founder of Whole Foods, enjoys a green smoothie for breakfast. Others, like as Idris Elba, keep things simple with toast. Whether simple or elaborate, discovering your personal breakfast ritual can be a terrific way to start the day.  

10. Create a To-Do List 

Planning your day and developing a to-do list will help you mentally prepare for the day ahead. To-do lists may not be for everyone, but successful people such as Michelle Obama and Richard Branson believe in methodically planning what needs to be done each day. Blocking aside time to plan and care for yourself is one of the primary benefits of list-making, according to both of these leaders. He once said, “Far too many people get weighed down in doing, and never take the time to think and feel.”  

Whether you're running a business, working on a creative endeavor, or attempting to make an impression at work, these morning habits can help you get off to a good start and succeed. The ideal morning routine is one that works for you. Michelle Obama sums it up best: "Success is only meaningful and enjoyable if it feels like your own."