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Gucci: The real success story and history

Gucci: The real success story and history

Gucci is an upscale Italian manufacturer of clothing and leather items. Guccio Gucci established it in Florence, Tuscany, in 1921.

➮Early History:


Conscious capitalism must coexist with ostentatious consumption. Guccio Gucci created the well-known fashion company Gucci in the 1920s. He was an immigrant living in Paris before relocating to London.

The founder of this brand used to work in big hotels and was always amused by the luggage the guests used to carry.

He frequently found inspiration in others' opulent lifestyles. He made the decision to combine luxurious living with his craftmanship. He began his work using the artisanal techniques of Tuscany. He began by initially selling the leather bags to the riders. The leather bags evolved into designer bags throughout time.

➮Gucci's founding


He established "Gucci" as a family business, successfully fusing Italian workmanship and the refinement he had seen overseas. Soon after, his brand gained notoriety, and customers travelled to Florence from all over the world to buy his products. The company kept experimenting with various fabrics, including jute, hemp, and linen. His most renowned invention was the Bamboo Bag's burnished cane handle, which was designed after the contours of a saddle.


He quickly took his company to Rome and included his sons in it. When Guccio passed away in 1953, his son Rodolfo took over the company and expanded it to new locations throughout the globe. Due to its innovative and distinctive designs, the company quickly rose to prominence. Many artists explicitly requested that they create some of their best-selling patterns particularly for them.

➮Fully Public Company:

Gucci held their inaugural runway presentation in Florence in 1981. The following year, when the company struggled financially, it was transformed into a public limited corporation. With this, Maurizio Gucci, Rodolfo's son, assumed control. Domenico De Sole became the business's CEO in 1995, turning it into a fully public company.

Marco Bizzarri is the company's current CEO. He has been the organization's CEO since 2015 and is an Italian businessman. He hired some fresh talent for various jobs, which gave him the inspiration for new designs and creative concepts. After his appointment, Brand's sales significantly increase. Sales of Gucci increased 33% in 2018 and 42% in 2017 because to a comeback in Chinese customer demand.

The current net worth of Gucci is more than $15 billion.

An iconic fashion house, the Brand offers timeless luxury and Italian excellence. Gucci oozes fashion authority with its careful pairing of modernity and heritage, resulting in innovative designs with desirable craftsmanship.

➮The object of all desire


If film epics often feature a challenging path to discover the treasure, the Gucci saga provides the perfect one: the many handbags designed by the House are the objects of all covetousness. Fortunately, there's no need to embark on an Indiana Jones-style chase to find the Italian House's gems: Vintega already took care of it, putting together a selection of vintage Gucci bags for you to enjoy on its online store!

Among the most emblematic Gucci luxury bags, we previously mentioned the Gucci  Bamboo or the Jackie . The various versions of the latter are without a doubt the models that have been the most popular among international celebrities. This bucket bag decorated with the famous green and red stripes remains a true it-bag to this day. Many other flagship models have followed over the years, each with its own unique touch.

The Gucci Soho Disco is THE practical clutch you always need to complete an outfit. The recently launched Dionysus is one of those leather pieces that might as well be vintage and date back to the sixties: the timeless style of this chain bag, with its supreme GG canvas and snake-head buckle, has made it one of Gucci's major hits.

And how could we talk about Gucci's most famous bags without mentioning the Marmont ? Named after the California hotel where the most scandalous affairs took place, this shoulder bag is one of the great classics of the House. Revamped in velvet and rainbow colors, this accessory perfectly embodies Gucci's signature mix of genres.

➮Celebrities Made Gucci Sensation


The newly set Gucci company ran with the same grace after the death of Gucci. It was in 195that the brand blew up with the help of shout-outs as we call them these days. One of the gems of that generation, celebrity Elizabeth Taylor was seen carrying a Gucci bag and wearing horse bit loafers, and its picture went viral thus helping Gucci make a few mils. Yet another such incident occurred when the first lady of America Jacqueline Kennedy was seen carrying a Gucci bamboo ba, influencing many households. The queen of Monaco, Grace Kelly, had a lot of impact on Gucci. Once when she bought a bamboo bag from Gucci In 1966, Rudolpho Gucci gifted her a scarf with a floral print and it got quite popular and blew up with the name ‘Flora.’

➮Brand Image


Gucci has always focused more on prestige and exclusivity over making affordable products. Its business strategy doesn’t target everybody but only the upper class in society and lets them maintain their standards with time. So while setting prices for their products, Gucci sets them as per the convenience of the upper class and delivers bang-on quality and luxurious designs.