• 14 Jun, 2024

Does Page Rank Show the Real Picture?

Does Page Rank Show the Real Picture?

Almost all of us are aware of page rank of any particular page. It shows the importance of the page on the web. This importance or this rank is sole property of Google and does not generalize it for all web however, it is considered to be most efficient till now. Page rank is based on a very complex algorithm which is not at all shared yet many companies say that they calculate the Google’s page rank and the code is also shared at some of the forums etc. To make it clear neither Google has shared the code not it has provided the API to check the page rank.

Now why is Page Rank so important?? What is the sole purpose of page rank?? Does it really show the importance of the page?? Well, in most of the cases, it does show the importance, but we cannot ignore the loop holes in it. Loop Holes in Google PR algorithm??? Yes there are, but before discussing that let’s discuss how PR is assigned to a website. No, I do not know the exact algorithm but I’ve the idea of it.

If a website or a page is providing valuable information and original content, it is supposed to get new visitors and traffic. This traffic in turn links on to this page from their web pages (if they do have any), Now, these links are counted as votes. More the votes more are the chances of increase of page rank. And if the linking pages itself do have page rank then it serves as a cherry to the cake and make the process much faster. The author or the webmaster has to market the page on Google as well as on social media in order to attract more and more visitors and more links. This increase the visibility of the web page on which content is written. But the basic idea behind the page raking is pr of the page from which the link is coming. Now this becomes the loop hole of the algorithm.

After finding out this loop hole many of the seo experts have started exploiting it. Without providing regular updated content they get the links from high pr web pages which increase the pr of the desired page. This has no concern with the traffic on the website and how informative the content is. And I am not just writing it but have actually seen this on many website, though I cannot name them. So my question still remains, does Page Rank show the real picture??