• 24 Jun, 2024

9 Tips for Local Marketing on Mobile

9 Tips for Local Marketing on Mobile

According to a recent report, 47% of small shops are struggling to stay up with mobile marketing trends. Here are 14 helpful strategies for local marketing on mobile. 

Tips for Local Mobile Marketing 

Master the Basics 

"Before you launch a marketing campaign, make sure everything is tight by looking at all those things, including pictures and logos," advises Marty McDonald, co-founder and chief strategist of the Philadelphia marketing firm Bad Rhino. McDonald recently shared some local mobile marketing tips for small businesses in an interview with Small Business Trends. 


Localize Your Content 

A major component of local marketing is concentrating on what makes any given place unique. Having said that, you must ensure that the content you promote emphasizes this.  

Search engines can also associate your company with a particular location by, for instance, publishing a blog article listing the top five eateries in that area. This holds true for any type of content you handle.  

Verify Your Ability to Respond on Mobile Devices 

With their smartphones, your customers want to make purchases, write reviews, and get in touch with you. You must have the appropriate technologies and be prepared. It helps to make sure your website is responsive.  

Activate Mobile Payments 

Verify whether you can accept payments with a mobile device. Small businesses must adapt to the changing preferences of consumers who are increasingly comfortable making purchases using their mobile devices. Here, you can find a variety of alternatives ranging from more recent additions like Apple Pay to more established options like PayPal. 


Offer Discounts 

McDonald highlights the ease with which incentives can be offered because to familiar technology.  

He explains, "There are numerous ways to incorporate text messaging into this mobile strategy." McDonald also suggests searching for software that will enable you to offer discounts and promotions to local specialized markets. 

Make Use of Location-Based Services 

Use location-based platforms to advertise your company, such as Foursquare and Google My Business. With the help of these services, you may design unique promotions for clients who check in at your establishment, boosting foot traffic and returning consumers. 

Make Your Voice Search Ready 

Voice search optimization is becoming more and more important as digital assistants like Siri and Google Assistant are used more frequently. Make sure the terms and phrases in your material are conversational—that is, ones that people are more likely to use when speaking than when typing.  

Make Offers Exclusive to Mobile 

Create exclusive promotions that are only accessible to mobile consumers. You can use mobile advertisements or social media platforms to promote this, giving it an air of exclusivity and urgency that will compel people to act right now.  

Put SMS marketing into practice. 

Using SMS marketing to directly contact local clients on their mobile devices can be a very successful strategy. You may notify customers in a timely manner about specials, holidays, or the release of new products. Just be sure that your SMS campaigns are compliant with the law and that recipients have given their consent to receive them.  

Provide Loyalty Rewards to Customers 

As one might anticipate, there is a wide selection of apps available. Seek for one that integrates with your sector. An app for restaurant reservations, for instance, might provide a dining rewards program.  

There is a warning here. Whichever option you select, make sure users can quickly and simply opt in and out.  

Participate in Mobile Directories 

These provide an additional benefit that you are seeking. The secret is to search for something more locally relevant by going beyond the obvious options like Yelp and Google Local. 


Construct Google Landing Pages 

McDonald advises creating a Google landing page for each of your locations if you have more than one. Remember to provide the Zip Code, the name of your city, and the search terms.  

"Ensure that these are mobile-friendly for local search," he advises.  

Monitor Your Development 

After everything is optimized, you should monitor your development. However, the big picture depends on knowing what to look for. Examine more than only the clicks. Verify if you are ranking for the chosen keywords as well. 

Easy online questionnaires are a fantastic method to confirm the patterns observed in your analytics. You may also come up with new keyword ideas by asking them how they found you. 

Keep at It 

The secret to successful local mobile marketing is persistence. 

Don't give up after you have the analytics, advises McDonald. “To ensure that you're doing everything correctly, you need to do this for longer than just one month.” 

He adds that far too many small companies neglect to examine their data in-depth. 


Challenges of Mobile Marketing for Small Retailers 

  • Limited Resources: It can be difficult for small stores to compete with larger companies since they frequently lack the funds and personnel to invest in mobile marketing techniques. 
  • Technical expertise: Without specialized IT teams or marketing specialists, small merchants may find it difficult to comprehend and apply mobile marketing technology and techniques. 
  • Trends Changing Quickly: Small shops may find it challenging to keep up with the latest developments in mobile marketing and promptly adjust to shifting consumer preferences. 
  • Data Security and Privacy: Gathering and managing consumer information for mobile marketing campaigns presents security and privacy issues that can be difficult for small shops to adequately handle. 
  • Selecting the Correct Audience: Small retailers may find it difficult to determine who their ideal customer base is for their goods or services, which can result in unsuccessful mobile marketing campaigns. 
  • Integrating physical and Online Strategies: For small merchants looking to offer a smooth consumer experience, coordinating physical and online marketing initiatives can be difficult, particularly in a local setting. 
  • Calculating Return on Investment: For small merchants, figuring out the return on investment (ROI) for mobile marketing campaigns can be challenging, especially if they lack sophisticated analytics tools and knowledge. 
  • Mobile Optimization: For small merchants without access to specialist web development resources, making sure their websites and other digital assets are responsive and optimized for different devices can be a technical challenge. 
  • Competition from E-commerce Giants: It can be challenging for small merchants to stand out in the field of mobile marketing because they frequently face fierce competition from major e-commerce giants. 
  • Monitoring Customer Behavior: Small shops who aim to offer interesting and relevant mobile experiences face obstacles in comprehending and adjusting to shifts in consumer behavior, such as the increasing preference for mobile buying and purchasing. 


Why is it crucial to have a firm grasp of the fundamentals before beginning local mobile marketing? 

Before starting a marketing campaign, make sure your website, social media accounts, and Google profile are all up to date and optimized. This guarantees a solid starting point for your mobile marketing campaigns.  

How can I better localize my content to enhance my local marketing efforts? 

In your material, emphasize the unique qualities of your domain. For instance, to increase your website's exposure in search results, publish blog entries on the best locations or sights in your area.  

Which mobile response features ought I to provide to my clients? 

Customers want to be able to use their smartphones to contact you, give reviews, and make purchases. Ensure that you have alternatives for mobile engagement on your website and that it is mobile-friendly.  

How can my company accept mobile payments? 

Make sure your system supports payments from mobile devices by incorporating payment processors like PayPal or Apple Pay.  

How can I use mobile marketing to draw in more clients? 

To entice local clients with discounts and prizes, think about utilizing tailored software or text messaging to offer bargains and incentives.  

Should I sign up for any particular mobile directories in order to promote locally? 

Look for specialist directories that address your particular location and industry instead of relying just on well-known directories like Yelp and Google Local.  

Why are Google landing pages necessary for every location I own? 

Your visibility to potential customers increases when you have specialized landing pages for each location, which enhances your local search optimization on mobile devices.