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Ladakh Marathon – 11th September 2022

Ladakh Marathon – 11th September 2022

The Ladakh Marathon, regarded as one of the hardest and highest marathons, tests even the most experienced travelers. The marathon calms your adrenaline rush and consists of 4 exhilarating races that are held in and around Leh. In reality, this captivating pastime gives runners the rare chance to run among native Ladakhis. Making experiences that will last a lifetime involves traveling through the most breathtaking terrain while taking in breathtaking views of mountains, rivers, and valleys.

The adventurous effort pushes the boundaries of human endurance and is regarded as one of the most stunning, amazing, and inspiring marathons in the entire world. The Khardung La Challenge (5370m) is the highest ultramarathon in the world out of the four competitions. Even the bravest souls start to sweat when they learn this reality. It's crucial to understand that, in contrast to other marathon events in India, this one calls for advance acclimatization. For this reason, competitors must get to Leh at least a week before the race itself.

Continue reading to learn more fascinating details about the thrilling activity that has made Ladakh a byword for adventure.

When did the Ladakh Marathon begin, and why?

The Ladakh Marathon has a seven-year history. The initiative's mission statement was to spread awareness about Ladakh's recovery from the terrible floods in 2010. The captivating activity encouraged Ladakh's youth even more to lead healthy lives.

The difficulty was taking up running in the inclement weather. The most popular marathon in Ladakh further raised locals' awareness of the need to safeguard the endangered ecosystem.

The Ladakh Marathon, which is claimed to be the highest marathon, has events that propel you to breathtaking heights. We are proud to announce that the Ladakh Marathon joined the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) as a full member in 2015. Several international sports publications have also included this well-liked adventure activity in Ladakh in their separate issues.

Who organizes the Ladakh Marathon?

The Ladakh Marathon is organized by Rimo Expeditions in India and the Ladakh Autonomous Hill Development Council (LAHDC). The Association of International Marathons and Distance Races also recognizes the event. The Indian Army, the Jammu and Kashmir Police, and the state's tourist government also sponsor the Marathon.

Ladakh Marathon Dates:-


Thursday 08 September 2022 for the Silk Route Ultra

Friday 09 September 2022 for the Khardung La Challenge and 05 km Run Ladakh for Fun

Sunday 11 September 2022 for Marathon, Half Marathon, 10.5 km Run

Distance and Age

05 KM RUN LADAKH FOR FUN5 Km12 years
10.5 KM RUN10.5 Km14 years
HALF MARATHON21.1 Km16 years
MARATHON42.1 Km18 years
KHARDUNG LA CHALLENGE (5370m)72 Km20years
SILK ROUTE ULTRA (122 km)122 Km24 years

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