• 24 Jun, 2024

IndiGo initiates direct flights between Mumbai and Ayodhya: Commences

IndiGo initiates direct flights between Mumbai and Ayodhya: Commences

With the inauguration of the Shri Ram International Airport on December 30, the visionary leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to pave the way for a significant transformation in Ayodhya. This milestone not only symbolizes improved connectivity but also holds the promise of boosting tourism in the culturally rich city. Spearheading this aviation endeavor is IndiGo, which has crafted a comprehensive strategy aimed at weaving Ayodhya seamlessly into the fabric of vital cities across the nation. This strategic initiative doesn't just position Ayodhya as a mere destination; rather, it envisions the city as a thriving hub for travel, tourism, and business. IndiGo's commitment to this project underscores the potential of Ayodhya to emerge not only as a spiritual and historical center but also as a dynamic and bustling economic node, ready to welcome visitors and opportunities alike. As the Shri Ram International Airport takes flight, it heralds a new era for Ayodhya, where enhanced connectivity becomes the catalyst for prosperity and cultural exchange. 

How will be Indigo's leading flight routes? 

IndiGo, renowned for its unwavering commitment to revolutionizing air travel, has strategically positioned itself on the forefront of the aviation landscape. Setting the stage for a grand entrance, the airline has unveiled ambitious plans tied to the inauguration of the eagerly anticipated Shri Ram International Airport. Building anticipation, IndiGo initiated flights from Delhi on December 30, with subsequent services from Ahmedabad scheduled for takeoff on January 11, 2024. 


Adding to the aviation spectacle, IndiGo is now set to script history by introducing daily direct flights between the bustling metropolis of Mumbai and the sacred city of Ayodhya, starting January 15. This milestone move not only signifies IndiGo's pioneering spirit but also marks a historic moment as the airline becomes the first to establish a direct air link between these two vibrant cities. As the wings of progress continue to spread, IndiGo's foray into connecting Mumbai and Ayodhya reflects its dedication to expanding horizons and facilitating seamless travel experiences for passengers across the country. 


IndiGo's Head of Global Sales, Vinay Malhotra, underlined the importance of this link. "We are happy to announce direct connectivity between Delhi and Ahmedabad as well as between Ayodhya and Mumbai," he said. With direct access to Ayodhya via the 6E network throughout India and abroad, these new routes will greatly increase travel, tourism, and trade in the area and support economic growth. 


Flight Schedule and Connectivity 

IndiGo is all set to bridge the gap between the bustling metropolis of Mumbai and the serene city of Ayodhya with the launch of its much-anticipated Mumbai-Ayodhya route. Commencing with the inaugural flight 6E 5378, passengers can embark on a journey that departs from the vibrant city of Mumbai at 12:30 pm, promising a seamless travel experience. Touching down in Ayodhya at 2:45 pm, this daily service offers a swift and efficient connection between the financial heartbeat of the nation and the culturally rich haven of Ayodhya. 

The return leg, flight 6E 5379, takes flight enthusiasts on a homeward journey from Ayodhya at 3:15 pm, promising a scenic aerial experience. The flight is scheduled to land back in Mumbai at 5:40 pm, bringing travelers back to the dynamic rhythm of the financial capital. This daily air link represents more than just a convenient travel option; it marks a significant milestone in uniting two cities that hold diverse yet intrinsic importance in the tapestry of India. 


Essentially, IndiGo's entry into the Mumbai-Ayodhya route connects locations and creates a narrative of shared experiences, allowing Mumbai's bustling present to coexist with Ayodhya's timeless cultural charm. This is more than just a flight—it's an experience that bridges geographical gaps and unites the essence of two cities in a tasteful fusion of modernism and history. 


Friendly conditions for Devotees and simple connectivity 

With IndiGo offering one-stop routes linking the city to other locations like Bhubaneswar, Bengaluru, Kochi, Guwahati, Goa, Gwalior, Jaipur, Pune, Surat, Srinagar, and Sharjah, Ayodhya is now easier to get to than before. The goal of this project is to make Ayodhya a traveler-friendly city with a variety of lodging choices. As the city makes its mark on the aviation map, it greets visitors and pilgrims with open arms, providing a smooth fusion of spirituality, culture, and business prospects. IndiGo's dedication to elevating Ayodhya's profile as a travel destination highlights the company's contribution in improving connectivity and establishing the city's place in the Indian aviation scene.