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Highest-Paid YouTubers worldwide: 2022

  • August 27, 2022
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Highest-Paid YouTubers worldwide: 2022

What do YouTubers earn? Since we first looked at PewDiePie’s net worth, however many years ago, we’ve all been asking ourselves this question. Pewd’s, meanwhile, didn’t even reach Forbes’ most recent list of the top 10 YouTubers paid for 2022, which only serves to emphasise how wealthy one can get when they are proficient on this particular medium. Take what you will from the fact that there are a million nobodys hovering around the bottom rung for every great influencer and YouTuber.

We’ll go ahead and reveal who the highest-paid YouTuber is. Jimmy Donaldson is his name, and you probably know him best as Mr. Beast. He’s only 23 years old, yet his wildly successful channel has allowed him to build a modest fortune.

It’s time to learn how much money YouTubers make, if you’ve ever wondered. The highest-paid YouTubers as of 2022 are listed below.


This veteran YouTuber built his early reputation (in part) by assessing the wealth of other content producers. That certainly is ironic. His record-breaking earnings mark a significant improvement above Ryan’s World, who topped the list the year before (reportedly earning USD$29.5 million in 2020). MrBeast is the brains behind a variety of lucrative business endeavours in addition to running a number of YouTube channels and selling merchandise. One is a well-known app that allows users to place orders for branded burgers and sandwiches from participating eateries. He is a generous giver who has raised a lot of money for numerous charity projects. The list of achievements is endless. What does Mr. Beast earn then? A lot!

2021 estimated earnings: USD$54 million
number of subscribers (main channel): 88.7 million

➥Jake Paul

Jake Paul, who continues to rule headlines, is one of the few YouTube personalities to have ventured outside the confines of the platform. His recent switch to professional boxing has increased his overall net worth even though he is still a content provider. In fact, Forbes notes that the majority of his present wealth comes from boxing rather than YouTube. To put it mildly, anyone believed that this guy and his brother were a one-hit wonder was mistaken.

2021 estimated earnings: USD$45 million
number of subscribers (main channel): 20.4 million


Powered by his Unus Annus series and adjoining merch sales, this social media stalwart nearly doubled his annual earnings from 2020. He made an early name for himself as an avid gamer and continues to explore peripheral opportunities such as podcasting and television. According to recent estimates, Markiplier’s channel has racked up over 17.3 billion total video views as of this year. It should come as a surprise to no one that he remains one of the richest YouTubers.

2021 estimated earnings: USD$38 million
number of subscribers (main channel): 31.7 million

➥Rhett & Link

This creative team swiftly created their brand and grew from there by focusing on geek culture. Their co-hosted cookery programme “Mythical Kitchen” and their family-friendly conversation show “Good Mythical Morning” continue to be enormously popular. These are only a handful of the lucrative endeavours that Rhett & Link, two of the highest-paid YouTubers, engage.

2021 estimated earnings: USD$30 million
number of subscribers (Good Mythical Morning): 17.4 million


This vivacious social media celebrity makes his YouTube debut at number one with decent earnings of USD$28.5 million in 2021. Nathan Graham, alias Unspeakable, is a pro at Minecraft and has a history of performing crazy and outrageous pranks. The sudden increase in income is explained by the recent lump-sum sale of his back catalogue to Spotter.

2021 estimated earnings: USD$28.5 million
number of subscribers (main channel): 12.9 million

➥Like Nastya

Russian-born YouTuber Anastasia Radzinskaya goes by the moniker of Like Nastya and brings viewers into her world through an ongoing series of well-produced videos. Born with cerebral palsy, she remains effortlessly relatable and inspiring to millions of children and adults alike. Like Unspeakable, Nastya recently sold the rights to her back catalog to Spotter and that explains a generous portion of her current net worth. She also sells tons of merch and even released an NFT collection with celebrity businessman Gary Vaynerchuk (aka Gary Vee).

2021 estimated earnings: USD$28 million
number of subscribers: 86 million

➥Ryan’s World

Last year’s biggest earner, this child entertainer (real name Ryan Kaji) continues to make serious bank after six years on YouTube. Now 10 years old, he’s pursuing various opportunities as he outgrows his initial core audience, such as licensing out the animated co-stars that appear in his videos. He’s also a major brand name at places like Target and Walmart, where you can find his merch on the shelves. With a huge net worth, Ryan’s World never has to worry about going broke, but that won’t stop his guardians and their business partners from exploring every option.

2021 estimated earnings: USD$28 million
number of subscribers: 31.5 million

➥Dude Perfect

This Texas-based comedy group does the kinds of antics and stunts that you really shouldn’t attempt at home. They take a page out of the “Jackass” playbook. However, they have released a how-to book with detailed directions, so perhaps you ought to try these tactics at home (their suggestion, not ours). Additionally, they occasionally go on live tours across America, which undoubtedly boosts their earnings by one or two. You’re looking at some of the wealthiest YouTubers ever when you combine it with merch and other sources of income.

2021 estimated earnings: USD$20 million
number of subscribers: 57 million

➥Logan Paul

Even in today’s lightning-fast content climate, viewers can still recall the entire “suicide forest” issue from 2017. Logan Paul and his brother Jake continue to roll with the punches despite this and previous controversies. Logan, a former amateur boxer who is now a professional, recently fought Floyd Mayweather in a highly publicised exhibition battle. Along with other things, he also runs a tremendously successful podcast. The unstoppable Paul train continues to roll on.

2021 estimated earnings: USD$18 million
number of subscribers (main channel): 23.3 million


If YouTube has taught us anything, it’s that playing is rewarding. This is the tale of PrestonPlayz (actual name Preston Arsement), a talented gamer and prankster who has built a booming empire of merchandise and content. His movies cross several channels and video game genres, but they mainly concentrate on Minecraft. Even though his earnings were down from the year before in 2021, he still ranks among the top 10 highest-paid YouTubers.

2021 estimated earnings: USD$16 million
number of subscribers (main channel): 11.9 million

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