• 24 Jun, 2024

Grand And Majestic Hindu Temple Opens In Dubai On "Dussehra"

Grand And Majestic Hindu Temple Opens In Dubai On "Dussehra"

In Dubai's Jebel Ali Village, a magnificent new Hindu temple that combines Indian and Arabic architectural styles has been dedicated, sending a strong message of tolerance, peace, and harmony.

The temple, which is situated in the "worship village" of the emirate, officially welcomed worshippers in the UAE today.

The new Hindu temple in Dubai was inaugurated by Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance and Coexistence, and Amb. @sunjaysudhir. The 3.5 million members of the Indian diaspora living in the UAE were supported by the UAE government on this occasion, according to a tweet from the Indian embassy in Abu Dhabi.

The official inauguration ceremony was highlighted by a potent message of acceptance, peace, and harmony that united individuals of many religions, according to the Khaleej Times newspaper.

As people came, musicians playing tabla and dhol (Indian drums) welcomed them with the chorus "Om shanti shanti Om" from priests.

Nine religious buildings, including seven churches, the Guru Nanak Darbar Sikh Gurudwara, and a new Hindu temple, are currently located in Jebel Ali's "worship village."

A ceremony to cut the ribbon took place in the main prayer room.

Ambassador Sudhir, Dr. Omar Al Muthanna, CEO of the Community Development Authority (CDA), and Raju Shroff, a Trustee of the Dubai Hindu Temple, were present with Sheikh Nahyan.

The Community Development Authority's Director General, Ahmed Abdul Karim Julfar, was also present.

The magnificent opening ceremony was attended by more than 200 luminaries, including the heads of diplomatic missions, leaders of several religions, businesspeople, and Indian community members.

The opening of a new Hindu temple in Dubai is good news for the Indian community, according to ambassador Sudhir. The opening of the temple fulfils the ambitions of the UAE's sizable Hindu community in terms of religion.

"The newly built temple is close to a Gurudwara that was inaugurated in 2012. We are grateful that Sheikh Nahayan dedicated Dubai's new Hindu temple. We appreciate the government of Dubai's kindness and generosity in providing land.

2020, not long after the COVID-19 epidemic struck Dubai, saw the announcement of plans to construct the 70,000 square foot House of Worship.

The temple blends Indian and Arabic architectural styles with fine hand carvings, elaborate pillars, copper spires, and spectacular lattice screens.

"The opening of the temple in Dubai is a dream come true not only for Hindus, but for Indians across the UAE," Shroff said to Khaleej Times outside of the inaugural ceremony. The temple is an accurate picture of how we see religion as uniting people from different civilizations. "Despite COVID-19, the assistance of the Dubai government did not slow down development schedules. A very stunning symbol of how open-minded and compassionate Dubai and the UAE government are is the Dubai Hindu Temple. Whether to launch in 1958.

Visitors must register in advance to enter the temple, and they can do so online.

There will be a sizable community centre before the end of the year where Hindu weddings and other events, rituals, and prayers can be performed.

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