• 14 Jun, 2024

Link Exchange Program

Link Exchange Program

Have you ever wondered that why a website gets ranked high in search engines though it is not that much old?? It may be because the website is working on link exchange program.

What is Link Exchange program?

When the webmasters of both the websites gives back the link to each others website with the desired keyword then it is known as link exchange program. There are no basic rules for it, however, there are some things which are to be kept in mind while the process. If the other page/website is of the same theme on which you are working then it works the best. As major search engines gives it the utmost importance that a website having content on a basic them and giving the link to some other page related to the theme only. It benefits both the webmasters to grown higher in the rankings. There are ways to do the link exchange:

  1. Traditional Method: The webmaster of one website contacts the counterpart of other website and after agreeing on certain conditions, they both exchange the links.
  2. Link Exchange Programs: There are web applications build for this purpose only. One can list their website over there and then link exchange request come and they can be exchanged . One can also request for link exchange using that application. These applications have increased the rate of link exchanges.

If it has many advantages it also has some of the disadvantages as well:

  1. The link added on other website can be deleted after a few days of adding it, so it doesn’t help you in longer run.
  2. The “anchor text” cannot be controlled on other website from which the link is give back.
  3. If the page from which the link is coming is having hundreds of other links like yours, then the importance of the link is reduced, hence does not effect the rankings.
  4. Giving a link to other website may direct your traffic to the other website which no webmaster would want.
  5. If you links to a black listed website then your site can also get black listed, so always beware of it.

Well, that was a little bit about the link exchange program. Will discuss a lot later on.