• 14 Apr, 2024

10 Best Trekking Places in India - Best Season To Go

10 Best Trekking Places in India - Best Season To Go

Numerous hiking paths, ranging from cold deserts to lush rain forests, high Himalayan peaks to rolling grassy meadows, are available in India, a country well-known for its diverse terrain and abundance of hill ranges. These trails are already well-liked by the public. Check out our list of the top ten trekking destinations in India before you start planning an exciting trip there and add even more meaning and significance to your time spent with your loved ones.   

Kuari Pass Trek, Uttarakhand   

Best Season: May to October Difficulty Level: Easy to Moderate Max Altitude: 4500 m Duration in Days: 9 to 12 days   


The trip via Kuari Pass, sometimes referred to as "The Lord Curzon Trail," is a unique and stunning hike. This hike genuinely combines every aspect of adventure. From narrow, rough pathways to hills that rise and fall. Furthermore, the trail's most attractive aspect is its breathtaking view of the eastern Garhwal Himalayan peaks, which include the twin peaks of Nanda Devi, Kamet, Dronagiri, Trishul, Bertholi, Hathi Ghodi Parvat, Mana, and Neelkanth. Go explore the Himalaya and beyond, then. A shortened version of the Kuari Pass trek is an option if you're interested in trekking during the winter.   

Pindari Glacier Trek, Uttarakhand   

Best Season: May to October Difficulty Level: Easy Max Altitude: 3990 m Duration in Days: 9 to 12 days   


One such trip, Pindari Glacier, is situated in the breathtaking Kumaon Himalayas. While it may not take you through the stunning scenery, snow-capped mountains, and isolated towns of the Kumaon region, it is generally easy and won't test your patience to the fullest. Therefore, burning thousands of calories is very worthwhile!   

Dayara Dodital Trek, Uttarakhand   

Best Season: June to October Difficulty Level: Easy Max Altitude: 3890 m Duration in Days: 7 to 8 days   


For those who enjoy uncommon treks and natural history, the Dayara Dodital walk is a great destination. The journey, which begins at Barnala, close to Uttarkashi, and concludes at Hanuman Chatti after across the Darwa pass, is a fantastic opportunity to take in the abundant wildlife and beauty of the Himalayan region. You won't see birds like Wagtail, Monal, Koklas, Whistling Thrush, and Babbler here, but the trail's scenery is quite breathtaking!   

Goecha La Trek, Sikkim   

Best Season: June to October Difficulty Level: Moderate Max Altitude: 4950 m Duration in Days: 10 to 15 days   


The breathtaking vista of Kanchenjunga National Park on the Goecha La journey in Sikkim captivates hikers from all over the world. There are numerous reasons to be excited about this journey, including: Its undulating landscapes, steep paths, and additional Sikkim. The land of calm beauty won't provide you with endless entertainment, but this journey has given you a newfound love and respect for the natural world.   

Stok Kangri Trek, Ladakh   

Best Season: June to October Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging Max Altitude: 6153 m Duration in Days: 9 to 12 days   


The only trip in Ladakh that ascends above 6,000 meters without requiring prior mountaineering experience is the Stok Kangri trek. The entire trail, which is dotted with hills, gives you a panoramic perspective of Zanskar and the Indus Valley in addition to allowing you to feel the abrupt shift in scenery and complete peace of mind. Indeed, don't forget to visit Hemis National Park, which is well-known for being home to the endangered snow leopard, while on your Stok Kangri trekking adventure.   

Chadar Trek, Ladakh   

Best Season: January to February Difficulty Level: Difficult Max Altitude: 3890 m Duration in Days: 9 to 12 days   


The Chadar Trek is the right choice if you're an adventure-seeker with a strong heart. In addition to providing you with a fantastic opportunity to walk on the frozen Zanskar River, the Chadar Trek (also known as the Zanskar Trek) begins in Chilling and ends in Ling She. Here, you will have the opportunity to learn about Buddhist legacy and religious richness. It is possible that the weather and terrain will make you lose confidence, but when you finish it, it will undoubtedly be the best experience of your life.   

Markha Valley Trek, Ladakh   

Best Season: June to October Difficulty Level: Moderate to Challenging Max Altitude: 5150 m Duration in Days: 9 to 12 days   


Without a doubt, one of the most unique and stunning treks in the Ladakh region is the Markha Valley trek. The Gandala La (4800 m) and Kongmaru La (5150 m) passes are not crossed during the Markha Valley walk, but the varied terrain, which includes unexpectedly narrow valleys and the desolate Ladakh environment, is incredibly captivating. In addition, the distinctive Buddhist culture and other attractions like the stunning Zanskar range, Hemis National Park, and well-known peaks like Kang Yatse and Stok Kangri add even more charm to the area.   

Roopkund Trek, Uttarakhand   

Max Altitude: 5030 m Duration in Days: 7 to 9 day   


The Roopkund Lake walk, which is high in the sky and surrounded by mountains on all sides, is every ardent hiker's ideal hike. Along with the breathtaking vistas of Nanda Devi and Nanda Ghunti and the boundless grandeur of nature, this remarkable lake trip will wow you with its sight of human skeletons (visible when the snow melts). Why are there human skeletons there is a puzzle. So without further ado, head over to Roopkund Trek and get your buddy perplexed. May through October is the best season. Level of difficulty: Moderate   

Valley of Flowers Trek, Uttarakhand   

Best Season: July to Mid-September Difficulty Level: Easy Max Altitude: 3900 m Duration in Days: 4 to 6 days   


It's accurate to state that hiking in India is only half of what it could be if you skip the Valley of Flowers. The 11-kilometer Valley of Flowers journey is illuminated by one of the most exquisite Himalayan flowers, the blue primula, which blooms exclusively during the monsoon season. Without further ado, treat yourself to a fantastic trekking experience in the Valley of Flowers, where you will be amazed by the about 300 different varieties of native mountain top flowers and a diverse array of plants.   

Hampta Pass Trek, Himachal Pradesh   

Best Season: May to October Difficulty Level: Moderate Max Altitude: 4400 m Duration in Days: 4 to 5 days   


One of the easiest and best treks for people looking to get an adrenaline rush and give their sore muscles a boost is the Hampta Pass Trek! The journey, which begins in the Kullu valley at Hampta village and concludes in the Lahaul and Spiti valley at Chatru, passes via a number of interesting locations, including Chika, Balu ka Ghera, Shea Goru crossing, Chatru, and Chandratal. With breathtaking vistas of snow-capped peaks, a stunning terrain, and expansive green fields, this walk will captivate your entire being and inspire your creative ideas. The walk usually takes four to five days to finish, however most hikers extend their stay by one day to spend extra time exploring and sleeping at Chandratal.    


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