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Theatre VS OTT Platform

  • July 4, 2022
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Theatre VS OTT Platform

The pandemic has further spurred the surge in popularity of Over the Top (OTT) platforms and reignited the argument between them and traditional cinema.

Although many people are now accustomed to accessing content online, the movie-going public still sticks to their first love. Even though these two methods of content distribution are frequently contrasted, it’s crucial to remember that they each serve distinct audiences and have unique selling points. The lockdown brought on by the COVID-19 outbreak has led to an all-time peak in content consumption both locally and abroad. Prior to the advent of streaming services, television and multiplexes were the only sources of high-quality entertainment available to the public.

Today, OTT platforms have provided consumers with the ability to engage in the content of their choosing with only the click of a button. Understanding the unique selling factors of each of these widely used formats is crucial to understanding the details of this argument.

OTT (Over the top)

One of the biggest plus points that OTT platforms offer is good quality global content and accessibility. With remote working, social distancing becoming the new norm, an increased inclination towards watching content at the click of a button, anywhere and at any time has become prevalent.

It would be foolish to believe that this trend has only engulfed the younger population. When you look at the statistics, you will be left in awe of the demographic diaspora that OTT platforms have attracted in a short span of time.

Pros of OTT

The OTT Platform has a lot of benefits, and as a result, its subscriber base is now growing quickly. Today, we’re going to talk about several important advantages.

1. Content Is Accessible 24/7

We have the option to see the content at any moment on the OTT platform. When we had to see a movie until a few years ago, we could do it on our television or in the theatre, but now we can do so easily on our mobile device or smart TV while lounging at home, according to our convenience.

2. View Content Totally Free of Ads

On OTT Platforms, you can see content free of advertisements. You must, however, subscribe to their paid subscription plan in order to do this. Users like seeing the content without advertisements, and they can watch any video content for a short period of time.

You must have noticed that when you watch TV, there are usually more commercials than actual programming. As a result, a lot of your time is spent in this way.

3. No restrictions

There are no restrictions on how frequently you can watch content on OTT platforms. No content is ever unavailable for further viewing after being viewed once.

4. Instant Playback

Another benefit of using an OTT platform is instant viewing, which allows you to request to watch any movies or TV series at any time, regardless of when they were released. You are free to watch your preferred web series as often as you wish.

5. Suitable for All Devices

On any device, such as a mobile phone, laptop, smart TV, etc., you can watch OTT content.

6. Global Material Access

You can watch content on OTT Platforms from anywhere in the world.

Cons of OTT

Even though there hasn’t been a significant loss up until the OTT platform, the following draw attention while discussing some drawbacks.

1. Exorbitant Subscription Prices

A major issue for the average individual is the price of several OTT Platforms’ subscription plans.

2. Reliance Through the Internet

Since OTT Platforms depend on the Internet, you could have to pay more for a broadband connection since we require high speed internet to use them.


The audience who visits multiplexes seeks more than simply quality programming. Going to the movies involves enjoying the complete experience, including the movie, delicious food, and relaxing company. Cinemas take great satisfaction in providing this package to customers in three hours or less.

The ideal movie-watching experience is provided by the magic of the huge screen, which rivets viewers and keeps them concentrated on the plot the entire time. Cineplexes have undergone a remarkable shift, and the single screen idea is now all but obsolete. Given that multiplexes now provide more services than ever before, it is understandable why they began to dominate the market.

Pros of Theatre

1. You get the best picturization

You have the finest view and the best picture quality in a movie theatre. Movie theatres may be the only way to see amazing films. Though technological advancements have made it possible for us to enjoy that view in our homes, a wise person will always select a movie theatre over any home-accessible method if they desire a more immersive experience. You have the best view and the best visual quality in a theatre. The experience of watching a movie in a theatre is unique and cannot be replicated by any multimedia streaming service.

2. Splendid Sound Quality

The best overall experience when watching movies is provided by the spellbinding sound quality offered by movie theatres. A movie’s soundtrack is arguably what gives it its soul and what makes it a masterpiece. People are passionate about high-quality sound these days.

3. Better option to socialize

Meeting up with loved ones to watch movies together in a theatre strengthens bonds and relationships. Due to workload and the rat race that is currently taking place to keep up with the emerging globe, individuals are currently very frustrated and fatigued. It becomes so important for them to interact with others and meet new people in order to combat their despair.

4. You Get First Hand Experience of The Movie

Initial First Day Any movie showings could only be seen within a theatre. You can watch a variety of brand-new movies in a theatre on the day they are released. On the other hand, if you want to watch a movie at home, you either have to wait a month or be content with watching a print from the theatre that you downloaded from a torrent service.

Many individuals must visit theatres in order to view and enjoy 3D and 4D films. Therefore, OTT services cannot entirely replace theatres.

Cons of Theatre

1. Lack of Customization

The fact that we cannot modify the cinema theatre is one of its main drawbacks. We cannot pause a movie if we need to leave for whatever reason, thus we will have to miss some of the proceedings. You wouldn’t be able to appreciate the movie, for instance, if you brought a baby to the theatre with you.

2. Higher Expenses

The significant costs associated with seeing a movie at the theatre are a major issue. Many individuals would like to view movies in theatres, but they are unable to do so due to the theatres’ expensive costs.

3. You Are Bound

The schedule of the movie theatres has been broken down into a few regular timeslots. If you want to visit the theatre to watch movies, you must adjust your schedule to fit it. This causes numerous issues. And if you’re stuck in traffic, you might even have to forgo seeing the first screening of your most eagerly anticipated film.

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