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Most Affordable Countries for Study Abroad

  • September 14, 2022
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Most Affordable Countries for Study Abroad

For students, studying overseas opens up a world of job options. A degree earned abroad enhances your career, exposes you to different cultures, and aids in your personal growth. However, studying abroad is still a faraway dream.

Tuition costs, living costs, medical costs, and a number of additional expenses all add to the cost of studying abroad. Although taking out loans or applying for scholarships are two choices, not everyone is qualified for these financial aid programmes.

We have developed a list of the least expensive nations for students to study abroad keeping all of these criteria in mind. These nations provide the greatest colleges for high-quality education, cultural variety.

1. Germany


Germany has grown to be one of the most sought-after study abroad locations and is renowned for having public colleges that provide free tuition. This is only partially true, though, as tuition fees are not charged at public German colleges; instead, there is a minimal application fee and other procedural costs. Furthermore, you must pay for your living expenses, including food, stationery, transportation, and more, even if you attend a public university in Germany.

Even after factoring in all of these costs, Germany is still among the least expensive for studying abroad, with a yearly average cost of less than $8,400.

2. Sweden


Another European nation with a reputation for high-quality education is Sweden. Sweden is home to some of the least expensive universities in Europe.

Sweden’s educational system is distinct from that of and many other Asian nations. The academic requirements at Swedish universities are created to promote autonomous, imaginative, and critical thought.

In terms of costs, students can usually make do with at least $8500 annually to cover housing, education, and food.

3. Mexico


Mexico offers fascinating experiences and a distinctive culture. Mexico has a world-class educational system and a strong educational infrastructure, but it ranks among the least expensive places to study abroad due to its low cost of living.

Compared to public universities, private universities are more expensive. Additionally, the cost of attendance in Mexican universities varies by region and course. The average annual cost of living in Mexico is $6450 in the suburbs and $9250 in the city centre, making it quite affordable to live there.

4. Taiwan


Taiwan, an Asian country, is very affordable in studies and is a low-cost study abroad destination. The tuition fee in all the universities is affordable, and students can also get low-cost accommodation with their universities, further limiting down their expenses.

The Asian country offers more than 120 courses taught in English at over 40 universities. The country is also a popular destination for students willing to learn Mandarin.

The average cost of studying in Taiwan is $9500 per year.

5. Denmark


Denmark, one of the happiest nations in the world, is also a goldmine of higher education and globally recognized universities. The country is one of the safest places for students with a low crime rate.  Studying in Denmark means enjoying academic brilliance and quality of life at the same time.

Dutch universities have considerably low/Zero tuition fees, and the students can manage their living expenses well under $10,200 per year.


For students looking to study abroad, Austria has emerged as one of the most welcoming and affordable destinations. International students may afford the low tuition at Austrian colleges, which offer top-notch instruction. Additionally, overseas students are said to find Austrian colleges to be among the most economical.

In Austria, both lodging and transportation are very affordable. A student can keep all of his expenses far under $10,000 per year if they are carefully budgeted.

7. France


France is not as popular as Germany when it comes to affordable higher education, but France also gets a spot in the cheapest countries for study abroad due to its free/low-cost tuition fee, regardless of the nationality of students.

Though most of the free courses are taught in the native language, yet there are plenty of courses in English language, especially at the postgraduate level. Still, it is advised to attend preparatory schools to get comfortable with French before starting the classes.

The cost of study in France is almost free, but the cost of living is a different story, especially in the popular capital. However, if a student a plan his budget, the living cost falls around $10,430 per year.

8. Belgium


Belgium is considered the heart of Western Europe and is the official headquarter of European Union. Also, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is based out in the country, making it a political hub. The country is also well known for post-education career opportunities.

The programs, in the Belgium universities, are taught in English, yet students are expected to be well-versed with one language – French, German, or Dutch.

The country offers an option of part-time employment to its students, making its cost of living more affordable. According to a survey, the average cost of living in Belgium is around $10,700 per year.

9. Russia

When looking for the least expensive places to study abroad, international students are consistently willing to take Russia into consideration. The basic answer is that college tuition is reasonably priced.

Additionally, foreign students highly praise the level of education offered at Russian colleges. Knowing Russian will help you save money on living expenses in addition to getting a cheap education.

In Russia, the annual minimal average cost of living is $11,700.

10. Norway


Nearly all of the Nordic nations are rated among the least expensive for students to study abroad because of their reasonable educational costs. Norway’s public institutions provide free instruction to their students, making it a nation where there are essentially no tuition fees.

However, Norway has an unacceptably high cost of living. In Norway, the annual minimal cost of living is $12,000.

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