• 14 Jun, 2024

Accelerated MBA Programs are Very Convenient

Accelerated MBA Programs are Very Convenient

Master degrees help separate you from the pack of candidate all pining for the same position. An accelerated MBA may be an ideal choice when looking to advance yourself. Obtaining your MBA online can be a great advantage and doing it through a Catholic university can add the advantage of ethical integrity to make you an even more valuable candidate.

An accelerated MBA is of added value for students pursuing specialties in accounting, finance, marketing, international business, health care administration, and entrepreneurship and managing innovation. Each of these disciplines gives students a thorough grounding in the tools and techniques necessary for success in both the public and private sector. An accelerated MBA program led by top faculty who recognize the dynamic nature of the global economy further meets the needs of prospective employers.

Why Choose An Accelerated MBA Program?

Importantly, an accelerated MBA degree allows students to maintain personal and professional responsibilities. This program acknowledges modern life: that is, this degree program complements the student who needs the flexibility to enrich himself or herself academically without compromising their ability, today, to earn a living and pay their tuition.

This accelerated program also enables motivated professionals to take two classes during each session, which may result in completing the program in as little as one year. This benefit is quite significant, since it gives students a full range of courses and lets them quickly advance in the workforce. Students can then apply their newly gained knowledge to a variety of issues, making themselves even more essential to organizations that need the right managers and executives.

As the economy becomes even more competitive, an MBA will be a degree that has added significance. Receiving this degree from an accelerated program is a smart and convenient way to improve a student’s skills while still living the day-to-day life of a career and family oriented individual. The subjects this program emphasizes meet the current and long-term needs of a diverse array of corporate and civic organizations. Along with the support of a Catholic college or university, an accelerated MBA is a point of intellectual distinction and moral strength.

  • Accelerated MBA students spend less time out of the workforce
  • An accelerated MBA can support your job search
  • You can complete an internship alongside your Accelerated MBA
  • You’ll cover the same business fundamentals faster
  • An Accelerated MBA will teach you to multitask

Choosing the Right Program

While more and more universities are offering accelerated MBA options to meet student needs, there is no shortage of schools that do so for their advantage, with little regard to valuable instruction or successful student outcomes. You certainly do not want to choose one that is lacking in quality or excellence. To avoid falling into a trap, students must gauge the value of the program. Check out the main components to look for in an accelerated MBA.  

Pros and Cons of Accelerated MBA Programs

Choosing an accelerated MBA program offers potential benefits and drawbacks. Only you can decide if a one-year MBA suits your learning style and needs. Below, we outline the benefits and trade-offs of accelerated online MBA programs.

Benefits of One-Year MBAs

  • check iconSave Time: You can enter the workforce, begin earning money, and start making progress toward your career goals more quickly.
  • check iconSave Money: You can sometimes save money on your degree by spending less time in a program. You may pay less tuition and start earning a professional MBA salary sooner.
  • check iconEasier Transition: Shortening the time spent in education and entering the professional business world helps to reduce the stresses related to searching for employment.
  • check iconSame Outcomes: Accelerated MBA students typically receive the same career opportunities and earn similar salaries as those who complete traditional MBA programs.
  • check iconProfessional Classmates: Students enrolling in accelerated MBA programs tend to be older and further along in their professional careers than those in traditional MBA programs.

Trade-Offs With One-Year MBAs

  • x iconLess Time to Build Relationships: MBA programs foster deep friendships and help to promote extensive networking opportunities. A one-year MBA reduces the time available to develop these beneficial connections.
  • x iconCan't Work Simultaneously: A one-year MBA requires a major time commitment and intensity, so you probably won't be able to work while in school.
  • x iconToo Intense: An accelerated MBA program may offer too much information in a short period for those who need additional time to process new information.
  • x iconNo Internship: You likely won't complete a summer internship. Experiential learning opportunities, like traditional MBA summer internships, often lead to professional connections and jobs after graduation.